"Creating quality content for professionals to provide to their valued customers and clients for stronger relationships and to maintain top-of-mind-awareness"

“Creating quality content for mortgage and real estate professionals to provide to their valued
customers and clients for stronger relationships and to maintain important top-of-mind-awareness”

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For Individuals

Attorneys, Real Estate Agents,
Mortgage Professionals, etc.


For Real Estate Offices

All of your agents can leverage
this quality publication!


For Mortgage and Finance Companies

All office professionals can leverage
this quality publication!


You Are Busy….But You Must Stay In Touch With Your Customers or Clients On A Regular Basis!

Without a doubt your customers or clients are your most valuable resource. Providing unexpected value to their lives in a non-sales related way helps build stronger relationships and maintain top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA). Strong relationships and TOMA is very important for future business opportunities and receiving valuable referrals.

One of the best ways to add additional value is to provide education and information that will help increase the value of their home (their biggest investment) and improve their financial wellness. Now you or your organization can have your own custom branded Better Homes & Finances publication you can invite your customer or client to receive without the time involvement and high cost of producing content your own.

This publication is ideal for professionals in the real estate and financial industries that want to stay in contact with their customers or clients on a more regular basis. This includes mortgage professionals, real estate agents/offices, attorneys, and many others.

Invite your customers or clients to opt-in to your email list for this valuable content. If you currently do not have an email management program and would like a free, professional program for up to 2,000 clients through MailChimp, click here for more information.

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NOTE: Your Better Homes & Finances publication is tax deductible!