Greenscreen & Outdoor Portraits

Why Update Your Headshot (Portrait)? 

Many have experienced the following situation. You’re waiting to meet a new person, and you don’t recognize them until they introduce themselves. Why? Their headshot is 5 to 15 years old. This reason is just one to update your headshot consistently (e.g. every few years).

A headshot is your first impression before meeting someone. And with everyone doing a routine Facebook, LinkedIn, or other digital research sessions before meeting you in person, it’s all the more reason to be authentic. There’s nothing worse than having one image in mind of a person and then having them step in front of you and looking different. It creates an imbalance in our brains and lowers our initial trust factor.

Establishing trust and likability are significant factors in getting new clients, getting hired, landing a new business deal, etc.. If your headshot isn’t the real (current) you, then you’re immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage. Give yourself every edge possible and maintain an up-to-date headshot.

PLUS: Like a song from the past, your headshot (portrait) provides a snapshot that will bring back fond memories of people, events, and other personal associations with that specific period of time!

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Why Greenscreen Photograhy?

Greenscreen photography provides a state-of-the-art process to create professional looking portraits (headshots). Green screen technology allows us to take your photo in a controlled environment and merge it with a custom background. All without having to worry about the weather, lighting, or other external blocks to a high-quality portrait.

We can photograph you in our greenscreen studio and add any backdrop you would like. Or we can save you time and come to your business with our portable greenscreen studio and photograph you and your employees.

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Outdoor Photography

We can also take your photo in a more natural setting!